Rules for Competitors, Exhibitors and Judges. The Rules will be strictly enforced.

The Rules will be strictly enforced

Please note: Failure to comply with these Rules may result in disqualification

1. Except for Children’s Sections, exhibitors must be members of the Society. Entries to be listed on the Entry Form in this schedule and submitted to the Society desk, during the week prior to the Show (Tue – Thur from 10 am) or to either the Convenor or the Show Secretary. Entries close at 5pm on the Thursday before the Show. The Society reserves the right to refuse entries submitted after the deadline. Entries to be accompanied by payment of 20p per exhibit, except Children’s classes, where the fee is 10p per exhibit. Children’s Entry Forms will be available from schools and from The Society Desk.

2. Competitors with exhibits required to be grown are held to declare that the items exhibited by them are of their own growing. Perennial pot plants should have been cultivated by the exhibitor for at least one year. Floral Art class exhibitors are held to declare that the flowers have been arranged by them. Any help given to children in the Children’s Sections must be minimal and must be declared.

3. The Committee have the right to visit the garden of any competitor and reserve the right to refuse an entry/entries from any competitor.

4. The hall will be open for the staging of exhibits on the evening prior to the Show from 7pm until 9.45pm and on the following morning from 7am. Staging must be completed and the Hall vacated by exhibitors by 9.45 prior to the start of judging. Once judging has started competitors must not move or remove exhibits until the end of the Show.

5. Entries should be accompanied by a completed Exhibitors Card. No exhibit will be judged unless accompanied by a completed entry card. Cards will be issued on receipt of entries, replacement cards will be available during staging. Cards to be placed with entries, or in the case of Handicrafts attached to the exhibits. Prior to judging all cards should be turned so exhibitor details are not showing.

6. Exhibits not for sale at the Auction must clearly display a RED STICKER indicating they are “Not for Sale”. Stickers available from the Convenor`s table during staging.

7. Only Judges, Office Bearers and Stewards will be permitted into the exhibition hall during judging.

8. Competitors are limited to three entries in any one class, except for class 203 (The Four Seasons Class) where only one entry per person will be permitted. Higher placed entry only to count in points trophies.

9. Any flowers or vegetables deemed to be unduly dressed will be disqualified.

10. Points will be awarded as follows: 1st - 3pts, 2nd – 2pts, 3rd – 1 pt, except where Flower classes call for multiple vase entries. In these classes points are awarded per vase.

11. Handicrafts to have been completed in the last 12 months. Knitting must not be washed. Sections 13 & 14, bakery to be cut and all other items to be opened and tasted by judges. Jars and bottles to be full.

12. Exhibits may be removed from the stands between 4pm & 4.15pm on the Sunday of the Show. Stewards will be present during this time and may request proof of identity before permitting items to be removed. Written authorisation from the exhibitor should be held by anyone collecting items on their behalf. Any item not removed by 4.15pm and not marked with a red sticker will be deemed to have become the property of the Society and will be sold at the Auction. Removal of items before 4pm is a breach of rules and will make an exhibitor liable to disqualification and forfeit of prize money.

13. The Society is not responsible for any loss or damage to items on display though every effort will be made to safeguard them.

14. All cut flowers to be exhibited in the Society’s vases, except Floral Art Classes. Society vases are available during both staging sessions prior to the Show. Vases may not be removed from the Show venue at any time..

15. A novice is a person who has not won a prize in any Horticultural Show (excluding Children’s classes)

16. Should the need arise an arbitration committee of three will be appointed to settle any dispute that may arise. If this committee finds the rules have been violated any prize will be forfeit.

17. No protest against an entry or award will be considered unless it can be proven that the written rules of the society have been violated, and only if the protest is lodged, in writing, with the Show Secretary not later than 3.30 pm on the Sunday of the Show and accompanied by a deposit of 50p which will be forfeit if the protest is not sustained.

18. Any matter not provided for in the Rules to be referred to the arbitration committee whose decision will be final.


Children’s Membership


 Children do not need to be members of the society to enter into the children’s classes (Sections 14, 15, 16, 17, 18). They must however register their entry at The Flower Show Entry Hub, pay 10p per item entered and complete an entry card per item entered. Exhibitors must not enter more than 3 items per class.


 If children wish to enter any classes, other than the children’s classes, then they must have a children’s membership.





Affiliated Membership


 Any Organisation/Group including children’s/young persons group (e.g. School, Nursery, youth group etc) may become affiliated to the society for an annual fee of £15. This allows the group to enter any classes in the Annual Show. The work exhibited must be grown/made by any person who belongs to the affiliated group. Being affiliated allows the group three entries per class (in line with other society memberships). Each entry must be registered, a fee of 20p per entry paid and an entry card completed for each exhibit.


 Any special prizes (e.g. Trophy) will be engraved with the name of the affiliated group and not the individual’s name.


 If adults or children within the group wish to enter any classes, other than the children’s classes, under their own name then they must have their own membership.