Rothesay Horticultural Society


    Minutes of meeting held 10th March 2014 at the Blackbull, 7.30pm.


                                        Present :- F.McCabe,  M.Willaims,  J.Gordon, M.McCormack, M.Hill

                                        Apologies :- E.Chandler, MR Lyle


                                        Minutes of previous meeting :- Accepted as correct.



                                        Secretary's Report :- MM reported the following ...

                                        a) Garden Scotland, Saturday 31st May.  MW reported that a 57 seater coach had been booked at a coost of £390.  Adults £10 and concessions/chidren £8.50.  Money and names to the For Bute Community Shop.  MM to pay for coach by cheque.

                                        b) Society membership FM and JG to start membership renewals.  MW to provide updated membership list and schedules.  Flyer to be added to the schedule to inform members of the visit to Garden Scotland.

                                        c) The society had received a letter from Fyne Futures thanking the society for its support of their successful application to the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Letter attactached.

                                        Treasurer's Report :- MM. as shown

                    (a) Auditor.  MM to ask Alan Donald if he would be willing to act as auditor.


                                        Show Manager's Report :- MM reported the following ...

                                        a) Dahlia Trophy.  MM reported that the base of the Andrew Lister Dahlia Trophy had been renewed.  Jeff Worrall has paid for this work to be undertaken.  MM Suggested that the society offer JW 2 free tkts for the coach to Garden Scotland as a thank you for all of his support to the society.

                                        b) MW reported she had received the show stationary from the RHS.




                                        Any other competent Business :- none


                                        Meeting finished at 8.30pm.           

                                        Proposed Date of next meeting. Monday, 14th April 2014

                                                                                                    7.30pm. Blackbull.